fsm_detect - finding FSMs in design

yosys> help fsm_detect
fsm_detect [options] [selection]
This pass detects finite state machines by identifying the state signal.
The state signal is then marked by setting the attribute 'fsm_encoding'
on the state signal to "auto".
Mark FSMs even if they are self-resetting
Existing 'fsm_encoding' attributes are not changed by this pass.

Signals can be protected from being detected by this pass by setting the
'fsm_encoding' attribute to "none".

This pass uses a subset of FF types to detect FSMs. Run 'opt -nosdff -nodffe'
before this pass to prepare the design for fsm_detect.

The Verific frontend may optimize the design in a way that interferes with FSM
detection. Run 'verific -cfg db_infer_wide_muxes_post_elaboration 0' before
reading the source, and 'bmuxmap -pmux' after 'proc' for best results.