fsm_recode - recoding finite state machines

yosys> help fsm_recode
fsm_recode [options] [selection]
This pass reassign the state encodings for FSM cells. At the moment only
one-hot encoding and binary encoding is supported.
    -encoding <type>
        specify the encoding scheme used for FSMs without the
        'fsm_encoding' attribute or with the attribute set to `auto'.
-fm_set_fsm_file <file>
generate a file containing the mapping from old to new FSM encoding
in form of Synopsys Formality set_fsm_* commands.
-encfile <file>
write the mappings from old to new FSM encoding to a file in the
following format:

    .fsm <module_name> <state_signal>
    .map <old_bitpattern> <new_bitpattern>