qwp - quadratic wirelength placer

yosys> help qwp
qwp [options] [selection]
This command runs quadratic wirelength placement on the selected modules and
annotates the cells in the design with 'qwp_position' attributes.
Add left-to-right constraints: constrain all inputs on the left border
outputs to the right border.
Add constraints for inputs/outputs to be placed in alphanumerical
order along the y-axis (top-to-bottom).
-grid N
Number of grid divisions in x- and y-direction. (default=16)
-dump <html_file_name>
Dump a protocol of the placement algorithm to the html file.
Verbose solver output for profiling or debugging
Note: This implementation of a quadratic wirelength placer uses exact
dense matrix operations. It is only a toy-placer for small circuits.