shell - enter interactive command mode

yosys> help shell
This command enters the interactive command mode. This can be useful
in a script to interrupt the script at a certain point and allow for
interactive inspection or manual synthesis of the design at this point.

The command prompt of the interactive shell indicates the current
selection (see 'help select'):

        the entire design is selected

        only part of the design is selected

    yosys [modname]>
        the entire module 'modname' is selected using 'select -module modname'

    yosys [modname]*>
        only part of current module 'modname' is selected

When in interactive shell, some errors (e.g. invalid command arguments)
do not terminate yosys but return to the command prompt.

This command is the default action if nothing else has been specified
on the command line.

Press Ctrl-D or type 'exit' to leave the interactive shell.