010: Converting Verilog to BLIF page


Verilog-2005 is a powerful Hardware Description Language (HDL) that can be used to easily create complex designs from small HDL code. It is the preferred method of design entry for many designers.

The Berkeley Logic Interchange Format (BLIF) is a simple file format for exchanging sequential logic between programs. It is easy to generate and easy to parse and is therefore the preferred method of design entry for many authors of logic synthesis tools.

Yosys is a feature-rich Open-Source Verilog synthesis tool that can be used to bridge the gap between the two file formats. It implements most of Verilog-2005 and thus can be used to import modern behavioral Verilog designs into BLIF-based design flows without dependencies on proprietary synthesis tools.

The scope of Yosys goes of course far beyond Verilog logic synthesis. But it is a useful and important feature and this Application Note will focus on this aspect of Yosys.


This document was originally published in April 2015: Converting Verilog to BLIF PDF