fst2tb - generate testbench out of fst file

yosys> help fst2tb
fst2tb [options] [top-level]
This command generates testbench for the circuit using the given top-level
module and simulus signal from FST file
-tb <name>
generated testbench name.
files <name>.v and <name>.txt are created as result.
-r <filename>
read simulation FST file
-clock <portname>
name of top-level clock input
-clockn <portname>
name of top-level clock input (inverse polarity)
-scope <name>
scope of simulation top model
-start <time>
start co-simulation in arbitary time (default 0)
-stop <time>
stop co-simulation in arbitary time (default END)
-n <integer>
number of clock cycles to simulate (default: 20)